Testimony of a Bus Driver

Each spring, South Charlotte Baptist Church has had the wonderful privilege to host the graduating seniors of Pensacola Christian Academy as they make their way to Washington, DC for their senior trip. PCA charters a bus to bring them from Florida, through NC, to DC. As long as I can remember, they have always had the same bus driver from Colonial Trailways out of Mobile, AL and, I (Pastor Campbell) have always enjoyed speaking with and greeting that driver!

This past spring, however, due to COVID-19, PCA cancelled their trip.

This afternoon, I was handed a letter that had come in the mail from an individual in Mobile, AL. The name on the return address did not "ring a bell." But, as I opened it, I realized that it was a hand-written letter from the bus driver! In it, he wrote:

Dear Pastor Campbell and Congregation,
I really hate that we missed you this, due to the "challenging situation" of course. Never the less, I always enjoy the youth and chaperones from Pensacola Christian Academy, and the hospitality we always receive from South Charlotte. Positive messages about the realness of Christ, and a warm reception is always welcome in my book!

While I enjoyed hearing from this gentleman, I am especially thankful for our church congregation who go out of their way to make our guests and visitors feel welcome! To our congregation I say, "Thank you!"

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